New Mobile Casino for 2019

According to an estimate, half the players who register at online casinos do so from a smartphone, tablet, or phablets. Since the number of players preferring to play for real money on their mobile devices is increasing, new online casinos have to be mobile compatible. They just cannot afford to say that they are not available on smartphones and tablets.

UK players are no exception to the rule. Just like other online casino players worldwide, they understand that the advantages to mobile gambling are many. Here are some of the advantages of playing on the move:

  • One can easily download native apps on smartphones and tablets.
  • The availability of HTML5 games at some casinos eliminates the need to use native apps, allowing players to play directly from their mobile browsers.
  • Players can wager real money on casino games on the move.
  • Players can win enormous jackpots, including six-figure progressive jackpots, while playing on the move.
  • Banking is safe and secure at mobile casinos.
  • Mobile casinos pamper their mobile players by offering exclusive promotions and bonuses.

Mobile Gambling Legalities

Law abiding UK players always want to make sure that they are not breaking any laws while playing for real money at mobile casinos. But they can rest assured that playing at mobile casinos is safe and legal.

UK gambling laws have been designed for operators, not individual gamblers. Gambling companies are permitted to operate in the UK, but they are not permitted to accept UK residents. Simultaneously, the laws do not prevent UKresidents from signing up at offshore mobile casinos that operate under licenses issued in remote gambling jurisdictions.

So, if you are an UK resident signed up at any of the mobile casinos we recommend, you can rest assured that you are not breaking any laws.

How to Get Started

Mobile casinos come in two varieties—browser based and app based. Mobile players prefer playing at browser based casinos because players do not have to download any app to access and play the games. On the other hand, players need to download and install a native app to start playing at an app-based casino.

Getting started is as simple as doing one of the following:

  • Request the online casino to send them a text message bearing a link to the mobile casino.
  • Scan the QR code at the online casino to instantly access the mobile casino.
  • Download the native app either from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • After accessing the casino, players can login using existing online casino details. If they haven’t registered an account, they can do so from their mobile devices.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Casino

We, the team, are here to help you find the mobile casino that best meets your requirements. Irrespective of whether you own an Apple or an Android device, we can help you find the best mobile casino for you. We also take care to list and rank only those mobile casinos that are compatible with a wide range of UK networks such as Optus, Vodafone, 3, and Telstra, to mention just a few. Irrespective of whether you have a 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection, you can safely sign up at any of our recommended casinos and start playing for fun or real money.

New Android Casinos

Android users have a wider choice when it comes to casinos and games, but this doesn’t mean that players can sign up at the first Android casino they come across. Players ought to do their research before signing up at a new Android casino. If they do not have the time, they can just leave it to us. You can trust all the latest Android casinos in our list.

New Iphone and Ipad Casinos

Since the latest online casinos are eager to be compatible with iPhones and iPads, players will not find it difficult to find brand new iPad and iPhone casinos. Apple devices are not only easy to use, but also very popular. Moreover, operators find it easier to roll out native casino gaming apps for iOS devices than to develop apps compatible with Windows Phone and Android. Players will, therefore, find plenty of new iOS mobile casinos in the industry. Besides, we have taken the trouble of listing and ranking the best of them for the benefit of our UK players.


  • Which is the best mobile network for gambling in the UK?
    • We have tested all the available networks and found them to have their own advantages and disadvantages. While WiFi is fast and easily available, you should take care not to play on unsecure connections. Also, 4G connections are far superior to 3G connections.
  • What is a mobile casino?
    • A mobile casino is a gambling facility that can be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, netbooks, notebooks, and tablets.
  • Can I find mobile casino apps that are compatible with all devices?
    • No. You have to look for a native app that has been developed especially for a certain device or group of devices. For example, a native app created for Blackberry devices will not work with an iPhone or iPad.
  • How does a QR code work?
    • A QR code is a block of black-and-white squares displayed at online casinos. To use it, players will need a camera phone with a QR scanner and reader installed on it. Players then simply have to scan the QR code with their mobile devices to gain access to the mobile casino.
  • Are mobile casinos secure?
    • Yes, mobile casinos are secure as they implement sophisticated encryption and firewall technology to protect player’s sensitive financial details and money. Besides, we recommend only the licensed and regulated mobile casinos.